About Us

About Us

Zeysi Cam operates in the Glass Industry in Turkey with more than 30 years of experience and is among the leading companies in the sector. Zeysi Cam believes that its success depends on its employees, whom it sees as its most valuable asset. Zeysi Cam continues its development in the sector with its quality, innovative and environmentally friendly production approach.

Baskent Cam, which was founded in 1990 by Zeynel Mert, Süleyman Yazıcı and İbrahim Özel, has expanded its active sales policy and production network, and launched the Zeysi Glass factory in 1995. It contributes to the architectural glass industry in Turkey with its production potential increasing day by day.

Became the “Authorized Dealer” of Şişecam and Guardian in 2004. It continued its development by following the developments and innovations in the architectural glass sector. Its young and dynamic personnel and systematic production network have succeeded in meeting the needs of the Central Anatolia region. It has pioneered the development of the glass industry in Turkey with the production of safety glass.

Zeysi Cam, which has a production potential in a closed area of ​​25,000 m2 in 2016, continues its activities in Ankara with its 350 expert staff. Increasing its quality day by day with its developed machinery and R&D studies, Zeysi Cam continued to grow with its global vision understanding.

It exports glass to Europe with the technological glass machines it uses today and its flawless production line. Exporting to 12 different countries, Zeysi Cam continues its signature projects.
Reaching a high capacity in the production of double glass, laminated glass and tempered glass, Zeysi Cam produces 400,000 m2 double glass, 150,000 m2 Laminated glass and 1,700,000 m2 tempered glass annually. Zeysi Cam reached a turnover level of 22 Million Dollars in the market. It continues to develop its trade volume with its wide product range and constantly developing production line.


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